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NSCB offers a Veterans Assistance Program for military spouses who are relocating with their service member spouse and veterans who are transitioning from military service to civilian employment. 

Military spouses move from state to state far more often than the general population as they accompany their service member spouse. This program provides special consideration to spouses that work in professions that require state licensure.

In many cases, veterans possess transferable skills to help meet minimum experience and training requirements for licensure with the NSCB.  This program offers services to veteran applicants by evaluating transferable military experience and training, as well as education.

NSCB offers veterans and military spouses the following assistance:

  1. One dedicated staff member specially trained to evaluate transferrable military training and experience from all branches of the military that meet minimum licensure requirements;
  2. Evaluation of military experience and training in addition to college transcripts to help verify acceptable educational credit and experience; and
  3. Evaluation of a military spouse’s current record of licensure to determine eligibility for waiver of certain application requirements concerning experience.

If you have questions or believe you may qualify for this expedited program, please contact Barbara Miller, License Analyst at 775-850-7814 or 702-486-1100 at extension 7814, or by e-mail at bamiller@nscb.state.nv.us.

If you are a military spouse, you will need to include copies of your current license certificates with your application.

If you are a veteran, you will need to provide copies of your DD-214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty) and the education and training transcript provided by your branch of the military.  Even if your military transcript of unavailable, please provide NSCB with a copy of your DD-214 so that licensing staff can fully evaluate your applicable military training and experience.

NSCB thanks you for your service to Nevada and our country.

Veterans Assistance Program Flyer