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Tips For Nevada Contractors

The following information is provided to help Nevada Contractors work within the law. For full text of laws that affect contracting in Nevada, see The State of Nevada “State Contractors Board Handbook,” Chapter 624 of the Nevada Revised Statutes and Chapter 624 of the Nevada Administration Code. Contact the Nevada State Contractors Board for a copy.

  • Always make sure license number and monetary limit is on all contracts or bids.
    NAC 624.640(5)
  • Check to ensure that licenses or persons with whom you contract are valid and active.
    NAC 624.650
  • Be sure name of business under which contractor is contracting is the same as the license number.
    NRS 624.305
  • Be sure the amount of the bid or contract is within the monetary limit of the contractor.
    NRS 624.3015(2)
  • Be sure that the contract is within the scope of work/license classification.
    NRS 6243015(3)
  • Know what you are contracting for, verify terms of the contract, and comply with terms of the contract.
    NRS 624.3013(1)
  • If it is not in your written contract, it doesn’t exist. Make sure all change orders are in writing and signed by all parties.
    NRS 624.3013(1)
  • Include Residential Recovery Fund Disclosure on all residential contracts.
    NRS 624.520
  • Make sure your license number is on all business advertisements, including vehicles, business cards, letterhead, signage, directories, newspapers, website, etc.
    NRS 624.720
  • Always make sure license number and monetary limit is on all contracts or bids.
    NAC 624.640(5)
  • Your license number should be approximately 1 1/2 inches on your motor vehicle.
    NRS 624.288
  • If your address or other pertinent information about the business changes, notify Contractors Board in writing within 30 days.
    NAC 624.640(3)