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Traveling Contractor Scams

Tip Sheet

There are groups of transient criminals who pose as door-to-door home repair
contractors to rip off Nevada homeowners with painting, roofing and paving scams. The Nevada State Contractors Board urges consumers to be wary and to watch for any of these “red flags.”

The Suspects:

  • Often are related by family, and solicit door-to-door;

  • Come across as friendly, but can use high-pressure or scare tactics;

  • Are reluctant to give an up-front price or provide a written contract, and increase the price after the project is under way or completed;

  • Demand payments in cash;

  • Immediately cash checks (sometimes changing the amount before cashing);

  • Drive customized newer vehicles with out-of-state license plates;

  • Use toll-free (800) telephone numbers instead of local numbers;

  • Have post office boxes or suite numbers instead of actual street addresses;

  • Target the vulnerable, like elderly or recent immigrants; and

  • Offer complimentary inspections and then offer to fix “problems.”

Their Scams:

  • Claim they have left over material from another job at a cheap price;

  • Claim they will use a “sealant,” but actually apply a useless, watery liquid that they spray on roofs, fences, or driveways;

  • Push a few new wood shakes under old roofing shakes and apply a useless oil; or

  • Charge by the can for painting and then exaggerate the amount they say was used.

Tips to Avoid Being Scammed:

If you, or a neighbor, have hired or been solicited by someone fitting the descriptions
of these traveling criminals, please call the Nevada State Contractors Board
Unlicensed Contractor Hotline telephone numbers at:

Las Vegas: (702) 486-1160 or Reno: (775) 850-7819

You can also visit the Board offices at:

Southern Nevada:

Address: 8400 West Sunset Road, Suitte 150
Las Vegas, NV 89113
Phone: (702) 486-1100
Fax: (702) 486-1190

Northern Nevada:

Address: 5390 Kietzke Lane, Ste 102
Reno, NV 89511
Phone:(775) 688-1141
Fax:(775) 688-1271

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm