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Have you seen the following individual?

If so, call the NSCB Unlicensed Contractor Hotline:
702-486-1160 (Las Vegas Area)
775-688-1150 (Reno Area)

BAILEY, Collin Ross

BAILEY, Collin Ross

SEX: Male
HAIR: Brown
RACE: White
Date of Birth: September 3, 1996
VIOLATIONS: 21 Criminal Cases for Theft, CWL, CUA

KNOWN BUSINESSES: Bailey’s Paint, Bailey’s Paint Company, Collin’s Handyman Services, Collin’s Epoxy Services, Collin the Painter, Handyman Ross, LIAM’ S Luxury Landscaping, LIAM’ S Landscaping Services


Mr. Bailey is a habitual offender with the NSCB and has had 21 criminal cases involving several different trades. He often talks the homeowner into a large down payment for services that are never performed and materials that never get delivered. Once the money is received, Bailey cuts off all communication with the homeowner. Mr. Bailey has been involved in Theft, Contracting without a License and Unlawful Advertisement. Bailey is “not licensed in Nevada”- DO NOT HIRE