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Have you seen the following individual?

If so, call the NSCB Unlicensed Contractor Hotline:
702-486-1160 (Las Vegas Area)
775-688-1150 (Reno Area)

Lagunas, Alfred Martin

Lagunas, Alfred

SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 5’ 7”
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Gray
RACE: Hispanic
DATE OF BIRTH: 11/08/1951
VIOALTIONS: 1 Count CWL- Guilty
“In custody, waiting on a disposition”
KNOWN LOCATION: Southern Nevada
BUSINESS: K & A Improvements LLC


Alfred Lagunas used his experience in the construction industry to gain trust with persons at church, to assist with construction projects. Lagunas performs work extremely shoddy and hires individuals that may be undocumented and fails to pay these individuals. Lagunas has an outstanding Bench Warrant for CWL Gross Misdemeanor. UNLICENSED CONTRACTOR DO NOT HIRE