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Commission on Construction Education

The purpose of the commission to review programs of education that relate to building construction and distribute grants from the Construction Education Account for qualified programs.  (NRS 624.570)

The commission may review programs and distribute grants from the Construction Education Account following the adoption of regulations required under NRS 624.570 section 7(a)(b) and (c). (NRS 624.580).

Mission and Goals of the Commission on Construction Education

The mission of the State of Nevada Commission on Construction Education is to improve the quality and integrity of the construction industry by awarding grants to organizations with innovative, creative and cost-effective educational programs that will help attract and retain a highly qualified workforce.

  • Actively promote programs that introduce primary and secondary school students to the multitude of career options related to the construction industry. Educate both parents and students to the advantages of a career in the construction industry, including salary benefits and work fulfillment.
  • Actively promote programs that teach business ethics; integrity; credibility and commitment to enhance the image of the construction industry.
  • Actively promote programs that provide training and education to retain workers in the construction field.
  • Monitor the results and control the quality of any program funded in part by the Commission.
  • Ensure that grant awards do not replace other sources of funding.
  • Improve employment opportunities by increasing participation in construction training and credentialing programs.

Commission Establishes Goals for Workforce Development and Youth Education

The Commission is interested in receiving grant applications that:

  • Promote programs focused on reaching a diverse workforce, including women, minority populations, veterans, new immigrants and others.
  • Support construction industry education programs in K-12 institutions.

If your educational program would serve to further these goals, you are encouraged to submit a grant application.

Interested in Serving on the Commission on Construction Education?

Submit your Boards and Commissions Application.